5 Simple, Healthy Summer Meals

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Whether you’re coming home from work or from a long day at the pool or beach with the kids, you need a healthy dinner to feed and please your family – and you need it quick. In the heat of the summer, the less time in the kitchen, the better. These tried and true favorite […]

Tips for Dining Out with Kids


Eating at restaurant with kids sounds like a great idea. There’s no food to prep, prepare and serve, no table to set, and the best part, no dishes to clean. However, while dining out is supposed to be a break, eating at a restaurant with little kids can be too stressful to be worth it. […]

What’s In Season: Feeding Your Kids the Best of the Fresh

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After a really long winter, it’s exciting to see fresh spring produce start to show up on grocers’ shelves and in farmers’ markets. Even though we can get most any produce any time of year, the fruits and vegetables that have traveled long distances to get to us are no comparison to the foods that […]

5 Spring Pins for Parents

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Whether you’re lucky enough to be getting a taste of the real thing or are simply savoring wishful thoughts of it, Spring really is here. Don’t miss our fantastic finds from Pinterest, geared to help you welcome the season with good food, fun projects and smart style. 1. Dinner rolls shaped like tiny bunnies are just […]

7 Nutritious and Delicious Valentine’s Day Breakfasts

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Greet your little sweethearts with a Valentine’s Day breakfast that will warm their bellies and their hearts. Here are our favorite ideas for an especially lovely morning meal. They are perfect for Valentine’s Day, but you can feel good about serving them any day of the year.   7 Nutritious and Delicious Valentine’s Day Breakfasts 1. Strawberries […]

Tips for Feeding Your Family Well in the New Year


If you’re like millions of others around the world, the start of the New Year marks a new or renewed commitment to healthier eating for you and your family. Here are some helpful, quick and easy tips to help make your resolution a reality that sticks. 8 Resolutions for Healthy Family Eating 1. Buy what’s […]

Best of Pinterest Recipes for the Holidays

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More than a quarter of parents we surveyed said they cannot live without Pinterest this holiday season. Whether you are among the Pinterest fanatics or are yet-to-be-converted, you’ll be happy to see our round-up of the Best of Pinterest Recipes for the Holidays. We’ve chosen them to provide perfect solutions to your top holiday cooking, […]

Last Minute Tips for Creating a Fantastic Kids’ Table for Thanksgiving

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The secret to keeping kids entertained and avoiding mid-meal meltdowns at this year’s Thanksgiving table is to give them one heck of a kids’ table. No blood, sweat or tears required to pull off some of these cool ideas. We’ve deemed them this week’s Five Favorite Pins for Parents. For more helpful ideas, check out […]

Tasty Twists on Thanksgiving Recipe Favorites


Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner or delegated with contributing a dish, Pinterest is the place to be for recipe inspiration and how to. We’ve done some digging to narrow in on a few of our favorite pins to help you create delicious dishes with a tasty spin on your tried-and-true Thanksgiving favorites. Check out UrbanSitter’s Savoring the […]

7 One-Pot Family Dinners to Welcome Fall


If you’ve had a minute to come up for air, you may have noticed that fall is nearly here. It’s time to give your BBQ a rest, forgo the salads and bring a touch of the season to your table with warm, homey, harvest dinners your family will love. The ones we’ve selected capture the […]