Babysitter Report Form (printable)

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Parents can download and print out a copy of this fun babysitter report to have sitters fill out how the job went. Sitters can print and use to impress parents on your next job!   Download Now! Browse for babysitters recommended by people you know on!

Why You Should Hire a Mitter

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If you’ve never hired a mitter, (aka a male babysitter), you may be missing out on awesome care and a refreshing change of pace for your kids. Mitters bring diversity and different styles of play to your children’s lives, and often make for excellent role models. To better understand the growing trend of male childcare providers, […]

Five Reasons You Need Childcare When You Work from Home


Contributed by guest blogger Brie Weiler Reynolds, Director of Online Content at FlexJobs, and a work-at-home mom to one-year-old Jack. A common misconception about working from home is that you can finally give up that expensive childcare, since you’ll be home all day. Don’t get me wrong–there are plenty of perks to working from home, […]

12 Things an Urban Mom Can’t Live Without This Spring

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Behold, our 12 stylish picks for looking like one hot mama this spring. Find more on our One Hot Mama Pinterest board, and take a peak at Summertime on Pinterest to catch a glimpse of warm weather pins that’ll have you even more excited for the gorgeous, carefree days ahead. 12 Things an Urban Mom Can’t Live […]

5 Ways to Celebrate Preschool or Kindergarten Graduation

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Don’t let your little one’s graduation from preschool or kindergarten pass by without a little fanfare. Remember the momentous milestone and his special day with these fun ways to celebrate.   What’s a party without a cake? Whether your grad’s party is the real deal or just a classroom celebration, make it memorable with a […]

Tips for Keeping Kids Cavity-Free and Smiling Bright

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The American Dental Association recently changed its recommendations for children, now advising caregivers to start brushing children’s teeth with fluoride toothpaste as soon as the first tooth comes in, rather than waiting until age 2. The change was made in response to a study that found that 25 percent of children in the U.S. develop cavities […]

Tips for Lining Up College Students for Summer Childcare


In a few short months, school will be out for the summer and you may be facing much different childcare needs than you now have. You may need full-time help, a regular sitter for part-time care, or maybe just a reliable bevy of sitters to call when you need some time to yourself during the […]

Tips for Helping Your Family Fight Seasonal Allergies

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Spring’s longer days and warm breezes may be bringing more than you’re bargaining for if you or your children suffer from seasonal allergies. The itchy, watery eyes, runny nose and mouth breathing associated with seasonal allergies, often called hay fever, are an unfortunate part of spring for many. While there is no cure, there are […]

Real Moms, Real Moments Contest


Motherhood – we’re always trying our best, but sometimes it gets the best of us. This Mother’s Day, UrbanSitter is celebrating real moments in motherhood. We’re not talking about picture-perfect memories, but challenging moments that tested your mom skills. Share your real mom moment for a chance to win a luxurious Mother’s Day prize package […]

What’s In Season: Feeding Your Kids the Best of the Fresh

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After a really long winter, it’s exciting to see fresh spring produce start to show up on grocers’ shelves and in farmers’ markets. Even though we can get most any produce any time of year, the fruits and vegetables that have traveled long distances to get to us are no comparison to the foods that […]