Simple St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

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As luck would have it, there are oodles of St. Patty’s Day crafts to keep your kids happily entertained. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites that are just right for little ones. Simple St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids Rainbow Streamers A simple craft made from a paper plate, paints and tissue paper strips. […]

5 Ways to Celebrate the Olympics with Your Family


The 2014 Olympic Winter Games kick off Friday, February 7 in Sochi, Russia. Don’t miss out on the chance to get your kids engaged and excited about a spectacular, inspiring event that happens just once every four years. Even little kids will enjoy these fun activities designed for celebrating the Olympics, family style. 5 Ways […]

10 Creative Ideas for Entertaining a Toddler (in the dead of winter!)


With temperatures reaching inhumane lows across the country, you or your sitter are likely trapped in the house with the kids and in near desperate need for new ways to keep them entertained. Save your sanity with these fun ideas for keeping little kids happy and engaged 10 Creative Ideas for Entertaining a Toddler (in […]

5 Fun Winter Crafts for Kids


With kids spending a lot more time indoors during the dreary winter months, be sure to arm yourself and your sitter or nanny with a few fun DIY art projects to keep them occupied and entertained. Check out these five creative projects that are sure to keep everyone happy. 5 Fun Winter Crafts for Kids […]

Perfect DIY Holiday Gifts for Kids to Give

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Teach kids the joy of giving by helping them to choose or create thoughtful, personal DIY gifts for best buddies and loved ones in their lives. They won’t have to save years of allowance and birthday money or toil away hours of their after-school time crafting to give these sweet gifts that capture the real […]

Last Minute Tips for Creating a Fantastic Kids’ Table for Thanksgiving

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The secret to keeping kids entertained and avoiding mid-meal meltdowns at this year’s Thanksgiving table is to give them one heck of a kids’ table. No blood, sweat or tears required to pull off some of these cool ideas. We’ve deemed them this week’s Five Favorite Pins for Parents. For more helpful ideas, check out […]

Five Favorite Halloween Pins for Parents


Life is getting a little spooky! Here are our favorite pins for Halloween to cover you on costumes, decorations, treats for the class party, a fun craft to keep the kids busy and a table your guests will drool over. 1. Your child may just win the Most Gorgeous Costume Award and no one will believe […]

Get Onboard with an Arm Full of DIY Bracelets!

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Have you noticed that bracelets are all the rage these days? You can get current and also score big points with your child by arming your babysitter with these awesome DIY bracelet craft ideas. We’ve rounded up 10 DIY Bracelets that kids – little and big, girl and boy – will go wild to create […]

Summertime Crafts for Kids


When it’s too hot to play outside, bring the kids to the table for some fun, attention-grabbing crafts that make the most of rocks, paper and scissors. Go Fish! No one is left out on the fun of making little fishies. Big kids can tackle a more involved project like these adorable DIY Japanese Fish […]

Cool Ideas for Keeping Preschoolers Busy on Hot Summer Days

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Summer is chock full of opportunities for entertaining and enriching little kids’  development through new experiences and activities. Check out these ideas for summer activities for the 3-5 year-old set. They’ll come in especially handy during the dog days of summer, headed our way. 1.  No-Stress, No Mess Water Play No pool or even a […]