2nd Annual Holiday Gifting Survey: Babysitter Gifts and Nanny Bonuses for 2013

UrbanSitter Holiday Infographic 2013

Around the holidays, parents often wonder “how much should I bonus my nanny for Christmas?” or “should I tip my babysitter for the holidays?” The UrbanSitter 2013 Holiday Gifting Survey Infographic reveals how much parents are really spending on their kids, the nanny, and babysitters this holiday season. Plus, the insider scoop on how much […]

Parenthood Uncensored: Real Confessions and Concessions – Infographic by UrbanSitter.com


Ever wonder if you’re the only parent who breaks from conventional thinking on a common parenting issue or speculate just how common today’s parenting practices really are? We surveyed families across the United States to get the inside scoop on popular parenting conundrums. Wine while pregnant? 35 percent of moms surveyed said, “No way!” while […]

How Often Do You Plan a “Date Night”?

Date Night Infographic

In a recent national survey, UrbanSitter asked parents how often they schedule a babysitter. 33% of parents surveyed say they hire a babysitter 1-2 times per month. And, 1 in 6 parents hires a babysitter on a weekly basis. Perhaps date night isn’t a dream after all? For more stats like this one, check out […]

National Childcare Rate Survey – Babysitting Rates, Nanny Rates


How much do you pay your babysitter or nanny? UrbanSitter surveyed and compiled data from nearly 6,000 families across the US to calculate the average hourly rates for babysitting and nannying by city. San Francisco tops the list with an average babysitting rate of $14 per hour for one child, $16.75/hr for two children, and […]

Babysitter Gifts, Nanny Bonuses for Christmas: UrbanSitter 2012 Holiday Gifting Survey

Parents who use UrbanSitter to find a great babysitter often ask, “how much should I give my nanny for Christmas?” or “what should I give my babysitter for the holidays?” The UrbanSitter 2012 Holiday Gifting Survey Infographic answers all of your nanny bonus and babysitter gift questions. What To Give the Nanny for Year End […]

What Parents and Babysitters Really Think – Infographic by UrbanSitter.com

Ever wonder if you’re alone in wishing the sitter would clean up after herself and the kids before you get home? Check out our latest infographic: “She Said/She Said.” We surveyed over 400 parents and sitters across the U.S. to find out exactly what parents and sitters expect from a babysitting job.  

How Happy is Your Meal? [Infographic]

Summer is in full swing and many of you are hitting the road with your family. If you didn’t plan ahead for snacks and meals, you’re likely to find yourself and your hungry, grumpy kids dead center of the fast food trap. Once you’re there, there’s often nowhere to go but straight through the drive-through […]

Babysitting by the Numbers – Infographic by UrbanSitter.com

On average, New Yorkers pay babysitters up to $17 an hour for watching two children. Ever wonder where your family fits in? Check out our inforgraphic, “Babysitting by the Numbers.” We surveyed over 400 parents and sitters across the U.S. to get the most relevant information and put it all into this easy-to-digest graphic.    […]