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Meet the babysitters recommended by parents affiliated with Flower Mound High School

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Flower Mound High School — Flower MoundTX

7 parent-recommended babysitters


Booked by 15 repeat families
36 reviews
$16 per hour for 1 child

"Hi my name is Julieh and I am 27 years old. I was a full time student athlete at Grand Canyon University. Now I’m continuing my education online about to get my Doctorates in Leadership with an emphas..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile

Responds in 1 hour


Booked by 2 repeat families
4 reviews
$15 per hour for 1 child

"Hello. I'm so glad your interested in my profile. I have 19 years of experience working in childcare. Primarily with toddlers and preschool age. I love to see children explore and grow. Most fami..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


Booked by 1 repeat family
4 reviews
Flower Mound
$9 per hour for 1 child

"My name is Rachel and I aspire to become a pediatrician. I figured that babysitting would be a good starting point. I currently work at a local daycare, where it’s required to be CPR/First Aid certif..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile

Responds in 4 hours


Flower Mound
$12 per hour for 1 child

"Hi! My name is Halle and I’m 19. I come from a big family and am an aunt to 9 children! I grew up taking care of my nieces and nephews and helping my mom with her in-home daycare. I started babysitti..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


Flower Mound
$10 per hour for 1 child

"I'm Kaitlin, I'm 19 years old. I'm currently not in school, but I will be returning in the fall. As of right now, my schedule is completely clear. I love kids and have experience from babysitting my n..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


Flower Mound
$12 per hour for 1 child

"Hello! My name is Dulce, I am 20 years old. I have been a babysitter for my 2 younger sisters that I've helped care for since their birth and my younger cousins. Currently, I have been taking care of..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


Flower Mound
$12 per hour for 1 child

"Hello! My name is Sammy and I have been a nanny for 5 years, and I always have so much fun working with kids! I am CPR certified and I have also taken a child education course, and I am continuing to ..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile

These sitters are recommended by parents affiliated with Flower Mound High School. UrbanSitter is not sponsored or endorsed byFlower Mound High School. Flower Mound High School does not recommend or endorse any babysitter on UrbanSitter. UrbanSitter has not independently verified any parent's affiliation.

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