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Meet the babysitters recommended by parents affiliated with Hancock Elementary School

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Hancock Elementary School — BrocktonMA

7 parent-recommended babysitters

Valeria Romina

Booked by 36 repeat families
48 reviews
$17 per hour for 1 child

"Hi, I'm Valeria. I've been babysitting children of different ages for the past couple of years, I have references if needed. I love playing every type of games with kids (arts and crafts are one my fa..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile

Responds in 4 hours


Booked by 11 repeat families
16 reviews
$18 per hour for 1 child

" my name is Tishawna I'm hard working very loving person and have a passion with children and do well working with them as well. I'm a medical assistant and phlebotomist graduate I work with children..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


Booked by 5 repeat families
4 reviews
$20 per hour for 1 child

"Hi! My name is Ashley. I'm from the south shore area. I enjoy doing fun, outdoor activities with children. I am comfortable using public transportation and enjoy taking the children I watch to parks, ..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


$19 per hour for 1 child

"Hello, I have always had a love for kids and art! I started babysitting at a young age. I worked in daycares. I’ve been an aunt for 12 years so I have plenty of experience babysitting infants to youn..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


$17 per hour for 1 child

"Hi-my name is yada, I’ve been babysitting since I was 15 it started with watching my little siblings and cousin, then I started babysitting for kids in our neighborhood, I look after infants and toddl..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


$16 per hour for 1 child

"My name is keyra. I am a library teacher, after school teacher and a competitive cheerleading coach. I am also a student my self finishing my degree in business management. I am often asked to babysit..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


$17 per hour for 1 child

"Hi Parents, Thank you for viewing my profile. I have experience as a nanny, preschool teacher assistant and as a mother to a college age daughter. My daughter attends Tufts University for her graduate..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile

These sitters are recommended by parents affiliated with Hancock Elementary School. UrbanSitter is not sponsored or endorsed byHancock Elementary School. Hancock Elementary School does not recommend or endorse any babysitter on UrbanSitter. UrbanSitter has not independently verified any parent's affiliation.

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