UrbanSitter Review Guidelines

Last updated August 2, 2019

As a marketplace, UrbanSitter thrives when parents provide reviews that are genuine, factual, and thoughtful. This channel for endorsement and feedback benefits both parents and sitters alike.

  • A genuine review is based off firsthand experience and avoids hearsay. Tell your own story in a straightforward way. Disingenuous reviews are easy to spot and reflect poorly upon the author.
  • A thoughtful review is constructed with an understanding of its significance. Take your time when composing a review. Ask yourself, “What would I want to know as a parent?” Always aim to feel certain about your review and its effects on the UrbanSitter community.
  • A factual review relies on what actually happened and does not employ exaggerations or assumptions. Focus on providing useful information that helps others make good decisions.

UrbanSitter Review Response Guidelines

As a marketplace, UrbanSitter thrives when sitters provide review responses that are relevant, sensible, and professional. This channel for commenting benefits both parents and sitters alike.

  • A relevant response addresses the review and stays on point. Avoid comments that are out of context.
  • A sensible response is written with an understanding of its likely impact on your reputation. Think about how you'll be perceived by parents who read your response.
  • A professional response imparts goodwill. Leave readers with a positive impression of how you react when faced with praise or criticism.

UrbanSitter Review and Review Response Policies

UrbanSitter's default position is to not delete, edit, or censor reviews and responses. However, reviews and responses that contain any instances of the following will be removed:

  • Spam, advertising, or other commercial content
  • Content that endorses illegal activity
  • Irrelevant political, religious, or social commentary
  • Language deemed to be profane, vulgar, obscene, slanderous, threatening, or discriminatory
  • Personal contact information or URLs external to UrbanSitter
  • Attempts to impersonate another person