All sitters on UrbanSitter are background checked, and reviewed by our team.

Trust and safety is our number one priority. That’s why every sitter is background checked and UrbanSitter provides members with as much information as possible to make informed decisions.

Trusted Referrals for Peace of Mind

See how you’re personally connected to sitters through Facebook friends, your child’s school, parenting groups, and hundreds of other trusted local groups.
Repeat Families
Look for repeat counts to see how many families have booked a sitter more than once.
Reviews and Recommendations
Read candid reviews and recommendations from other parents who have booked the sitter or are a personal reference.

Find Trusted Sitters

In addition to automated checks, every sitter profile is thoroughly reviewed by our trained team of specialists, not just a computer.

Background Check
A background check indicates that a sitter has cleared the following in the last 13 months: a Sex Offender Search, a Global Watchlist Check of terrorist, sanction, and other watchlists, and a National Criminal Search for history of felony and misdemeanors.
Responds to New Parents Quickly
Sitters with this badge typically respond in 24 hours or less to new families.
Sitters with this badge maintain a 90% or better completion rate on all bookings.

Privacy and Security are Top Priorities

Safe Messaging

The contact information on your profile is only shared with another member once the booking is confirmed.

Parent Authenticity

All parents go through an authentication process before they can book sitters.

Payment Protection

UrbanSitter works with industry leaders to ensure your information is stored safely and payments are processed securely.

Industry-Respected Trust and Safety Partners

UrbanSitter partners with several different Trust and Safety companies in the above initiatives including Checkr, Stripe, and IDology.

Member Services Team

7 Days a Week

Our Member Services Team is here 7 days a week to guarantee the very best in trust and safety.

Enhanced Background Checks

You can request an enhanced background check or a motor vehicle check for a sitter. Email us for details on options and pricing.

Booking Support

We provide support for payment, reliability and member concerns for every booking scheduled through UrbanSitter.