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Types of Nanny Services

Live in Nannies

Live in nannies live in your home and provide childcare during agreed upon hours. The family is responsible for room and board for the nanny, in addition to the nanny's wage. Some families prefer the convenience, reliability and flexibility of having a live in nanny as opposed to a live out nanny, who often has less flexible working hours and might not be able to cover date nights or weekends as easily. A live in nanny is able to quickly form strong bonds with a family, however privacy can be a concern for both parties. Providing separate living quarters for the nanny and a clear schedule of working and non-working hours often helps create a successful live in nanny and family relationship.

Night Nannies

Night nannies are most often hired by families with a newborn baby or infant to provide childcare overnight, while the parents rest. As most newborns need to eat every few hours, night nannies take care of the feeding either with a bottle or by waking the mother to breastfeed, then they soothe the baby back to sleep. This provides a huge relief to exhausted new parents, especially if they have to return to work soon after birth. Part of the night nanny’s job description may also include household chores, including washing baby bottles and breast pump parts, doing laundry, emptying the diaper pail, and restocking the diaper station. Certain night nannies specialize in sleep-training infants, a gradual process that helps infants fall asleep on their own and stay sleep for longer periods throughout the night.

On Call Nannies

On call nannies offer backup childcare for families that have an emergency or last-minute need during the day, at night, or on weekends. Some on call nannies also offer overnight or multiple day service. An on call nanny by definition is only hired on a temporary or short-term basis, and this may include non-emergency situations such as a family that is traveling and needs childcare during their trip. When hiring an on call nanny, parents typically seek experienced individuals with a background check and a record for reliability. If hiring an on call nanny to care for a sick child, it is recommended that you check first with the nanny to see if they have any policies around caring for sick children, as not all will accept jobs that could compromise their ability to work.

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