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Sarah Tonzi

Looking For A Babysitter This New Year’s Eve? Get Ready To Dish Out $100 Or More — Plus Perks

December 30, 2018
New York Post

NYC’s best-paid baby sitters are cashing in on New Year’s Eve

December 29, 2018
Fit Bottomed Girls

When Expecting Moms Should Start Their Childcare Search

December 24, 2018
Business Insider

26 fun and meaningful holiday gifts that new dads will love

December 20, 2018
Glambition Radio

Lynn Perkins, CEO + Co-Founder UrbanSitter (podcast)

December 19, 2018
Business Insider

28 unique gifts that new moms will undoubtedly appreciate

December 18, 2018
Business Insider

18 gift memberships to make life easier this holiday season

December 13, 2018

8 of the Best Organization Apps to Make Parenting (A Little) Easier

December 4, 2018

America's Best Customer Service 2019: Winner, Childcare

November 30, 2018
The Bump Club and Beyond

2018 Holiday Guide: Gifts for Expectant and New Moms

November 26, 2018
Grok Nation

9 Perfect Gifts for Teachers

November 26, 2018
CBS San Francisco

Tech-Savvy Parents Tell Nannies to Limit Kids' Screen Time

November 16, 2018
KRON4 News

In-depth: Parents asking caregivers to sign contracts limiting screen time

November 15, 2018

11 apps to help find reliable childcare

November 7, 2018
News Times

Silicon Valley parents are so panicked about kids' screen time that they're having nannies sign 'no-phone contracts' and posting photos of rule-breakers online

October 30, 2018
Daily Mail

Nannies in Silicon Valley are being instructed to keep children AWAY from phones and screens and make them play board games instead

October 29, 2018
The Bump

10 Best Babysitting Apps and Websites to Find Trusted Childcare

October 26, 2018
The New York Times

Silicon Valley Nannies Are Phone Police for Kids

October 26, 2018

5 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Make Time for

October 25, 2018
Metro Parent

Tips on How to Find Babysitters in Your Area

October 20, 2018

Perks galore rule the new economy of babysitting

October 19, 2018
JD Supra

Women Love the Flexibility of Their Side Hustle—But Still Face Unequal Pay

October 18, 2018
Business Insider

This Innovative App Connects Parents with the Perfect Babysitter – And It’s Completely Trustworthy and Safe to Use

October 17, 2018
Exhale Lifestyle

Local Resources That Help You Find a Reliable and Trusted Babysitter in a Pinch

October 17, 2018

Women Love the Flexibility of Their Side Hustle—But Still Face Unequal Pay

October 17, 2018
Eco Warrior Princess

101+ Sharing Economy Companies Helping You Embrace Collaborative Consumption

October 14, 2018

This Mama Built a Startup that Solves a Major Parenting Challenge

October 11, 2018

How Much Monday You Save on Childcare By Living New Your In-Laws

October 10, 2018

Three Viable Alternatives To Venture Capital Funding That All Entrepreneurs Should Know

October 9, 2018
New York Family

UrbanSitter Is Here To Help You Understand Babysitting Rates In NYC

October 2, 2018
Washington Parent

Good Stuff: Hire a Sitter From Your Alma Mater

September 28, 2018
New York Family Magazine

UrbanSitter Is Here To Help You Understand Babysitting Rates In NYC

September 27, 2018
The Work at Home Woman

How to Earn Extra Cash for the Holidays

September 25, 2018
Business Insider

13 easy, legitimate ways to make extra money this month — that you probably haven't considered yet

September 18, 2018
The Business Journals

Survey shows how women are embracing the gig economy

September 18, 2018
Long Island Press

Babysitter Searching Simplified

September 14, 2018
CEO Year

New Data Shows Women Love Their Side Hustles and It's Not All About the Money

September 14, 2018

Women Embrace the Gig Economy for Flexibility, Income, & Entrepreneurship

September 14, 2018
Direct Selling News

New Data Shows Women Value Flexibility, Income, Entrepreneurship

September 13, 2018
Fast Company

Melinda Gates: Why I’m betting on diversity

September 13, 2018
401K Specialist

Why Women Love the Gig Economy

September 11, 2018
Mompreneur Buzz

Women in the Gig Economy 2018 – Love Your Hustle!

September 11, 2018
Simple Most

Here’s What It Costs To Go On A Date In Every State

September 10, 2018

Three women who started successful businesses reveal six top mistakes women make

September 7, 2018

Women who want to start businesses should steer clear of these six mistakes

September 7, 2018

This Is How Much You Should Be Paying Your Sitter, Based on Where You Live

September 3, 2018
Denver Life Magazine

Family Life, Back in Order

September 1, 2018

UrbanSitter CEO Lynn Perkins On 'Delivering Trust At Scale'

August 31, 2018
American Express Open Forum

5 Tips to Help With Successfully Employing Generation Z

August 27, 2018

Back to School 2018: Supplies, Shopping and Advice for Los Angeles Parents

August 16, 2018
Motherhood in Hollywood

UrbanSitter shares tips for finding child care on their new app

August 13, 2018

How to Secure VC Funding When You're the Only Woman in the Room

July 31, 2018

What the Tech? App of the Day: Urban Sitter

July 23, 2018
Texas Homepage

App of the Day: UrbanSitter

July 20, 2018

Forbes Hosts Fifth Annual Under 30 Summit in Boston

July 18, 2018
Adore Them

How Much Should I Pay the Babysitter?

June 28, 2018
Urban Matter

Chicago Side Hustles for Easy Cash

June 27, 2018
Fit Bottomed Girls

How Much to Pay Your Sitter

June 26, 2018
Chaunie Bruise

Here's How Much You Should Pay Your Babysitter

June 20, 2018
Well Rounded

11 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2018

June 13, 2018
ABC WXYZ Detroit

Things to consider if you're getting a babysitter or leaving kids home alone

June 5, 2018
Business Insider

13 easy, legitimate ways to make extra money this month

June 1, 2018

Here's How Much Your Seattle Neighbors Pay Their Babysitter

May 30, 2018
Deseret News

Why 'don't talk to strangers' is no longer good advice

May 24, 2018
Healthy Way

How To Travel With Kids And (Mostly) Enjoy It

May 24, 2018
CPA Practice Advisor

Apps We Love May 2018: Parenting and Childcare Apps

May 22, 2018
106.9 KROC

Are you paying your babysitter enough?

May 18, 2018

How To Run A Background Check On A Babysitter & Give Yourself Some Peace Of Mind

May 18, 2018
NBC 12 News

Phoenix has the nation's cheapest babysitter rates, study says

May 17, 2018
USA Today

How much should you pay a babysitter? It depends on where you live

May 15, 2018
Fox 35 Orlando

Report: You may need to shell out more money for your babysitter than you thought

May 15, 2018
What To Expect

This Is the Most Expensive City in the U.S. to Hire a Babysitter

May 14, 2018

Here’s How Much Parents Are Paying For A Sitter These Days

May 10, 2018

U.S. Babysitter and Nanny Rates

May 10, 2018
a plus

Here's How Much Parents Pay Babysitters Across America

May 10, 2018
Text Now

6 Apps To Help Moms Do What Moms Do Best

May 10, 2018
Northwestern Mutual

Here's What a Babysitter Costs in Your City

May 9, 2018
Well Rounded

10 Mother’s Day Gifts You Should Buy for Yourself

May 7, 2018
95.7 The Jet

in #CASE you missed it… The High Cost Of Babysitting

May 7, 2018

Average pay for a babysitter hits $16.43/hour, study reveals

May 7, 2018
Stars Insider

Are you paying your babysitter enough?

May 7, 2018
CBS17 News

Average pay for a babysitter hits $16.43/hour, study reveals

May 7, 2018

This is exactly how much to pay babysitters in each city

May 5, 2018
Long Island Press

Fresh Ideas To Spoil Mom This Mother’s Day

May 4, 2018
Bump Club & Beyond

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2018

May 4, 2018

Are You Underpaying Your Babysitter? Check Out the Averages in Your City

May 3, 2018
Portland Tribune

UrbanSitter sends its engineers to Portland

May 1, 2018

Celebrate Every Type Of Mama In Your Life With The Mother Of All Mother's Day Gift Guides

May 1, 2018

The Brilliant Business That's Empowering Women in the Workplace (and Solving the Age-old Childcare Conundrum)

April 30, 2018
Daily Republic

‘The Bay Area is broken’: Why Silicon Valley startups are hiring elsewhere

April 29, 2018
What To Expect

10 First Mother's Day Gift Ideas

April 23, 2018
Reward Expert

Take Time Out and Get Peace of Mind With UrbanSitter

April 20, 2018
Business Insider

13 easy, legitimate ways to make extra money this month — that you probably haven't considered yet

April 19, 2018

Today's Must-Reads For Entrepreneurs: Would Harold And Kumar Eat An 'Impossible Slider'?

April 16, 2018
NWA Online

In pricey Bay Area, startups searching far afield for talent

April 15, 2018

This Is What A Good Babysitter Costs In Atlanta

April 13, 2018

This Is What A Good Babysitter Costs In Washington D.C.

April 13, 2018

This Is What A Good Babysitter Costs In Los Angeles

April 13, 2018
Reader's Digest

100 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Actually Love

April 11, 2018

250+ Proven Ways to Make Extra Money in 2018: The Ultimate Guide

March 29, 2018

7 Daytime Dates That Blow Dinner and a Movie Out of the Water

March 29, 2018
Business Insider

This innovative app connects parents with the perfect babysitter — and it’s completely trustworthy and safe to use

March 27, 2018
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Perks galore rule the new economy of babysitting

March 26, 2018

The 9 Best Babysitting Apps for Finding Somebody to Watch Your Kid

March 22, 2018
Reader’s Digest

20 Things Your Babysitter Secretly Wants You to Know

March 20, 2018

Your Money: Perks galore rule the new economy of babysitting

March 19, 2018

YOUR MONEY-Perks galore rule the new economy of babysitting

March 19, 2018
US News & World Report

Your Money: Perks Galore Rule the New Economy of Babysitting

March 19, 2018

How to find quality childcare with Lynn Perkin

March 17, 2018

Nxt-Chptr Mom Profile with Lynn Perkins

March 14, 2018
Popular Science

The best apps for overworked parents

March 6, 2018

Retired? Here Are 17 No-Cost Ways to Make Money on the Side.

March 5, 2018

21 Low-Cost Ways to Make Money from Home

February 26, 2018

Wait, the Average Parent Pays HOW Much For a Babysitter?

February 21, 2018

11 Valentine's Day gifts that will strengthen your relationship

February 14, 2018

Finding the ideal babysitter

February 14, 2018

What the Tech? Romance apps

February 13, 2018
Mini Magazine

This Is How Much a Babysitter Will Cost You on Valentine’s Day

February 7, 2018
Stroller In the City

Making Us A Priority

February 7, 2018
American Express Open Forum

Why Hiring Older Workers Can Be Good for Business

January 29, 2018
Make More Marbles

UrbanSitter CEO Lynn Perkins on Egoless Leadership, the CEO Playbook, and Successful Startup Lessons

January 25, 2018
Voyage Dallas

Meet Lynn Perkins of UrbanSitter

January 24, 2018
Bicultural Mama

UrbanSitter Finds and Vets Local Caregivers to Help Parents

January 23, 2018
MSN Money

65 Gig Economy Jobs You Haven't Considered

January 18, 2018
Mommy Nearest

10 Simple Alternatives to Childcare That Won't Break The Bank

January 17, 2018
Thrive Global

Another 99 “Limit Breaking” Female Founders Share The Most Important Lessons They Learned from Their Experiences

January 17, 2018
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