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Meet the babysitters recommended by parents affiliated with UCNS Cooperative Nursery School

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UCNS Cooperative Nursery School — IthacaNY

3 parent-recommended babysitters


$20 per hour for 1 child

"I used to sit for a former neighbor's then 3 and 6 year old. They were a joy to spend time with! I also have a lot of younger cousins and did a lot of volunteer work. I am a private tutor during t..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


$15 per hour for 1 child

"Hello all, My name is Zofia, I am 23 and a visual artist born and raised in Ithaca NY. I have worked extensively with children from a young age. I have a BA from Bard College and have worked with c..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


$20 per hour for 1 child

"Hi there! I’m a former boarding school teacher and current business school student with experience babysitting children of all ages (and pets!). I’d love to help with weekends or date nights. I loo..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile

These sitters are recommended by parents affiliated with UCNS Cooperative Nursery School. UrbanSitter is not sponsored or endorsed byUCNS Cooperative Nursery School. UCNS Cooperative Nursery School does not recommend or endorse any babysitter on UrbanSitter. UrbanSitter has not independently verified any parent's affiliation.

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