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Meet the babysitters recommended by parents affiliated with Kissimmee Elementary School

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Kissimmee Elementary School — KissimmeeFL

11 parent-recommended babysitters


Booked by 14 repeat families
20 reviews
$14 per hour for 1 child

"Babysitter with more than 8 years of international experience (Australia, Colombia, Middle East and US). I speak English and Spanish fluently. Certified in: * BLS (CPR & AED) * Age-Appropriate Nutr..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile

Responds in 1 hour


Booked by 10 repeat families
9 reviews
$12 per hour for 1 child

"I'm a mother of two children myself but they are all grown up one of them is 30 and the other one is 21 I love to be around small children and having fun with them by making them smile I’m also a gran..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile

Responds in 1 hour


$15 per hour for 1 child

"Hello, my name is Lizzie, and I am a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in acting. I was a Girl Scout and I have worked at and run numerous Girl Scout camps. I taught a 1st ..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


$12 per hour for 1 child

"My name is Dolores. Born in upstate NewYork. From a family of 6 children. I have 2 grown daughters whom I’m very proud of . They gave me 6 wonderful grandchildren. Now grown up. Have worked with child..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


$20 per hour for 1 child

"Why do we use it? It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more-or-l..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


$20 per hour for 1 child

"Hello, My name is Haley ☺️ i am licensed in adult, child and infantCPR and first aid. I am also a licensed CPR and first aid instructor! i am a certified rescue diver! And i’m currently in EMT school..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


$17 per hour for 1 child

"Hi everyone my name is Cue or Coach Cue. my babysitting experience came from my ability to coach and work well with children of all ages. I coached for the company Soccer Shots located in Charlotte NC..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


1 review
$12 per hour for 1 child

"Hi my name is Amanda. I am a sophomore at Valencia College. I currently work in the activity center and child care for Omni Resorts. I mainly work with toddlers but I do have experience with infants a..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


$16 per hour for 1 child

"I have been a babysitter for about 30 years part time. I have my own car, speak spanish and can cook. Love kids of all ages and loves pets also. I have a degree in Culinary, and love spending time wit..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile


$16 per hour for 1 child

"I absolutely love children of all ages! When I was 18, I worked as a residential counselor for adolescent girls ages 12-17 for 2 years. Afterwards, I attended school in Dallas, graduated and received ..."  Sign Up to See Full Profile

These sitters are recommended by parents affiliated with Kissimmee Elementary School. UrbanSitter is not sponsored or endorsed byKissimmee Elementary School. Kissimmee Elementary School does not recommend or endorse any babysitter on UrbanSitter. UrbanSitter has not independently verified any parent's affiliation.

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